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Hey I’m sorry I’m not one of those “fuck you vegans, meat forever!!” people, but god damn seriously sometimes my dash is clogged with vegan posts and it’s just like, that’s great for you to be a vegan if you want but don’t try to make me feel bad for eating meat.
If everyone in the world were vegan or vegetarian there wouldn’t be enough food to feed people (especially considering many vegans are against GMO crops, which have the potential to feed many more than non GMO crops).
In order to create enough farmland there would be mass deforestation causing animals to lose their habitats and die.
Also every time a crop is harvested using any sort of heavy machinery, the amount of field mice, snakes, bunnies and other animals are innumerable to one cow that can feed a person for an entire month.
Anyway sorry about the rant. I’m not trying to hate I’m just sick of militant vegans not realizing that an entire world of vegans is impossible. Notice my emphasis on militant. I’m not looking for a fight on here I’m just venting.

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